Bald Patches, Damage & Other Signs of Carpet Beetle & Moth Infestations in Lake Balboa, CA

There are always chores to do in your house. One area of the home that is in constant need of work and cleaning are the floors. It is true is you have hardwood floors, manmade tile, natural stone or carpet. They are all being walked over and debris is left behind. This is what will eventually cause the floors to look and feel dirty. When you have carpet to take care of you know that dirt that is left behind can start to damage the fibers if left unchecked. The fibers will start to collapse and the floor will no longer feel plush. The other main issue that comes when you have carpet is of course the dreaded spills. These are things that happen no matter how careful you are. The spill can range from countless substances and that means the cleaning method will change as well. If you have red wine spilled you may choose to use white wine to clean. If you drip hot wax on your carpet you need to use heat to remove it. You can also use ice to chip away at gum that might be stuck to the carpet fibers. Lastly if you are thinking that stains are your biggest issue when it comes to carpet you might be wrong. You might be surprised to know that there can be all kinds of pests hiding out in your carpet.

Green Co Carpet Cleaning Lists Pests that Could Be Lingering On Your Carpets

Carpet Beetles: One of the most common pests you might be finding on your carpets are carpet beetles. They are a pest that are not really an issue for you personally when it comes to your health but they can be damaging. The carpet beetle is known for their feeding habits. The feeding happens to occur on the fibers of your carpet. They will eat away at the fibers and that will lead to bald patches! These patches are found often near a piece of furniture that is where the beetles can be hiding. The holes that they tend to make are not something that can be reversed unless you have a new carpet patch. That is why it is important to have your carpets cleaned professionally. The professional carpet cleaner is able to use commercial pressure to pull the pests out of your carpet.
Fleas: The other pest you might have on your carpets could shock you. Fleas are a pest that you might only attribute to dogs! Although dogs and other pets are common to have an issue with fleas that is not to say they are not a problem for you and your family. The flea is a pest that is a parasite and needs to feed on blood in order to survive. The interesting thing is that fleas can actually live for about a year without any food. They are happy to catch a ride on your pet and stay hidden on the carpet especially if it is cold outside. They can be removed from your carpet when you have them cleaned professionally.

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