How to Prepare for New Hardwood Flooring Installation in Your Toluca Lake, CA Home

Installing wood floors can be a messy job and so much can go wrong without the proper preparations. Even with professional help you will want to prepare your floors for installation. For those who aren’t sure how to prepare for hardwood floor installation, Green Co Carpet Cleaning will share how and what you can do to make installing your wood floors easier.

Dust During Hardwood Floor Installs

When wood floors are installed, one of the biggest problems is dust. Dust can get everywhere and even into other rooms. You’ll want to provide access and plenty of room for the hardwood installers to do their job. If possible, the adjoining rooms should be sealed off to prevent saw dust from getting all over the house. You can use plastic canvas to cover open archways or use masking tape to seal around the doorways.

Remove Previous Flooring & Trim

Another way to help prepare for hardwood floors is to remove the previous flooring. If you’re replacing carpet or tile floor for wood flooring, you will have some work in removing the original floor. Remove carpet and scrape off any glue that was left behind. Tile will also need to be removed and any of the adhesive or quick mix that might cause the floor to be uneven. After the floor is prepared, you will also want to remove door trim, floor boards, and in some situations, even the door to make installing the wood go a little more smoothly. Make sure to number or make notes of the floor boards and door trim and where they went to reinstall all of the pieces properly after the wood floor is installed. Each contractor will vary. Some may even offer services to remove the old floor and prepare the sub-floor for the new wood floor. When you hire a contractor, ask what services they provide and see all what you are going to need to do in preparation.

Creating a Productive Workspace

After you have prepared your home and the area that’s having the wood floor installed the last step in your preparation is providing a working space with plenty of room. To help reduce sawdust in the home, some of the installers will work outside. Provide an area on a patio or porch with access to electrical outlets. Wherever you choose to provide a working area for the wood floor installer, make sure they can easily access the room that is being installed with wood flooring.

Hardwood Floor Installation & More in Sherman Oaks, Valley Village, Woodland Hills & Greater Los Angeles, California

After you have prepared the floor by removing the original floor, trim and floor broads, and you have prepared a working place for the installers, you are ready to have your wood floors installed. There are various types of wood floor and their installation methods. Depending on the size of the installation crew, and the size of the room or area that you’re installing wood floors, most wood floor installation takes between a day to a week unless it’s an entire home installation. Wood floors are easy to maintain and are quickly installed. Green Co Carpet Cleaning provides hardwood and laminate wood floor installation and can also provide long term care for your wood floors. If you need help installing or refinishing the wood floors in your home, contact Green Co Carpet Cleaning today.

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