Cleaning Dog & Cat Pet Urine Stains & Odors from the Grout Lines on Your Brentwood, CA Tile Floors

Many people do not feel complete unless there is a pet in their life. The love, devotion, and loyalty they give us are unconditional. Having these delightful additions to the family comes with additional responsibilities that are well worth it. With regular grooming to maintain the fur and keep the claws trimmed, many issues in the home can be avoided. However, pets are known to have accidents inside, whether it is because they cannot hold their needs until someone comes home, or they simply don’t get the concept, these accidents occur. Most homeowners are only concerned for their carpets or rugs that are inflicted, but the truth is that pet accidents can be a problem for tile and grout floors as well. We at Green Co Carpet Cleaning would like to discuss the impact that pet accidents have on tile and grout.

Clean Puppy & Kitten Accidents Immediately

Pet accidents, even on tile and grout, need to be rapidly tended to before stains and odors sets in and damage occurs. Stains are a challenge, if not impossible to remove and the odors only grow when the accident lingers and the grout can take on damage due to the acidic content. For example when the urine is fresh, the pH is approximately level 6, but as it dries, it increases, and the urine’s pH can potentially reach up to 10 or 12 on the scale. The dried urine with peaked pH levels cause a reaction with the surface and has an effect of oxidation that alters the color. Eventually, the long resonating pet accidents can cause irreversible staining and damage. In most cases, the lingering pet accident is not efficiently removed with DIY methods or department store cleaners and in order to remove the stain and odors, professional tile and grout cleaning services are required.

Apply Tile Sealer

In addition to stains and odors, the acidic content such as urine, defecating, and vomiting not only cause stains, but the tile and grout surfaces can be susceptible to etching. If the situation is not properly treated, the etching will lead to unsightly cracking and eventually crumbling. Once the floors reach this severity, the grout will need to be replaced. Grout is especially porous and absorbs everything and if the tile is scratched, it can easily stain. To create a barrier between the tile and grout and pet accidents and other debris and spills, sealants can be used. Sealants will eventually dissipate, which is why it is important that after a professional cleaning, the sealant is reapplied.

Removing Bacteria & Mold in Grout

When it comes to pet accidents, the grout is a perfect breeding ground for the bacteria that is in the waste. If you clean up the pet stain fast enough, you can avoid the stains and odors, but a lot of the time, the bacteria aren’t destroyed. Ensuring the bacteria is completely obliterated is done with professional tile and grout cleaning in addition to the proper care of your tile and grout; with regular sweeping and mopping and immediate cleanup when the pet has accidents.

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If you have pets, be sure to get your tile and grout professionally cleaned with Green Co Carpet Cleaning to bring them back to their potential brightness and freshness; by completely cleaning, sanitizing, deodorizing and sealing your tile and grout. Call us today to get started!

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