How to Revive & Restore Old Matted Carpet Fibers in High Traffic Areas in Your Studio City, CA Home

Over time, carpets are subjected to plenty of abuse. The carpets look more or less old, dingy, and worn from constant foot traffic of filthy shoes, kids’ activities that have their share of messes, pets with their contributions, collecting odors, and accidental spills. After being away from a time, the odors seem more noticeable and staring at you in the face once you see the carpets riddled with spots and stains, you notice the dull, matted carpet fibers from being compacted. As you realize the once riveting carpets look dull and lifeless, you contemplate re-carpeting, however, an alternative approach to rejuvenate your carpets is with a deep carpet cleaning conducted by a professional. Today, we at Green Co Carpet Cleaning would like to share how a deep clean breathes life back into your carpets.

Revive Old Carpet with Professional Carpet Cleaning

1) Lifts carpet stains. The dog’s repeated accident, aggravating coffee stain, and the kids’ crafting are constant reminders that your carpets are riddled with blemishes. When it comes to the substances making contact with the carpets, they can be a challenge to remove, but the longer they stay the more difficult they are to remove. Some may toss an area rug over the top is a solution, out of sight out of mind, but eventually, the same fate will happen to the rug. With the professional deep carpet cleaning, you don’t have to camouflage the stains; they are lifted away with proven techniques executed by trained professionals using top quality products and power extracting equipment to treat carpets with heavy stains.
2) Removes carpet odors. When it comes to stains, they will often be paired with odors. Carpets will often develop odors due to other contributing factors and many times they cannot be hidden. The deep carpet cleaning can ensure odors are effectively neutralized and with the right products, removing the source of the odors and neutralizing the smell.
3) Extracts deeply rooted dirt and contaminates. As diligent as you may be at vacuuming, it will never be quite enough to fully extract all the soil, dust, allergens and other contaminants that are rooted in the carpet fibers. The rest of the soil is left to build up, though routine vacuuming gets what is on the surface at that moment, which is good. But the soil that reaches the below makes the carpet look dull and dingy.
4) Carpet fiber restoration. Leaving behind major impressions, the furniture sitting in areas for too long creates the dents in the piles and the fibers look matted with compacted layers of compacted soil. A deep cleaning is the simple solution in order to restore the carpet fibers to their original state.

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