Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes in Woodland Hills, CA; Not Removing Soap Residue & More

It seems like everyone has an idea on the best method to do just about anything. It could be a trick that was passed down the family line or a tip they gathered from a magazine. They may have even tried out a method that worked great for them. The problem is that unless you live in a universe that everyone has the exact same carpet and the same spills to clean then using someone else’s advice may be a bad idea. There are many types of carpets, rugs, tile and hardwood that each should be treated in a specific way. You also have to take into account the type of spill of stain that you are working with. A red juice stain and a wad of gum will not be treated the same way when trying to remove them. With that there are some common mistakes that people make when cleaning their carpets. Generally you want to do your best to steer clear of these to prevent further damage.

Green Co Carpet Cleaning Lists Carpet Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

Don’t Wait to Clean the Carpet Stain: One of the biggest mistakes you can make when something has been spilled on the carpet is waiting. No time is a good time to deal with a spill but you need to find the time to take care of it. It can be hard if you are heading out the door or you have a house full of guests. The problem is if you choose to wait to clean the stain you are allowing the stain to set in. This means that the fibers are being altered by the spill and that will make it much harder to clean then if you were to start treating it right away. It is best to act fast.
Avoid Scrubbing the Carpet Spot: If you see a spill most people will run over and grab a cloth from the kitchen and start scrubbing feverishly at the spot that has just occurred. Although you need to get working on the stain right away viciously scrubbing is doing more harm than good. Scrubbing has two issues, one being that the stain will actually be pushed out to a larger area if you scrub. The other is that the carpet fibers can be frayed and damaged beyond repair. It is better to use downward pressure to treat a stain that has occurred on your carpet.
Don’t Use the Wrong Cleaning Products: The store has tons of options for the latest and greatest in stain removal. This is a mistake because these cleaners are chock full of chemicals that are hard to tell how they will react to your carpet. It is better to use products that you can often find in your home. Mild dish soap and baking soda are two of the products that tend to work well with most spills and stains.
Don’t Skip Professional Carpet Cleaning: You might think you are doing a good job on your own with your carpets but you might be surprised. Some people think they don’t need to use a professional carpet cleaner but this is a major mistake. The commercial grade equipment can get the dirt that has been ground into the carpet and pull it from down deep. It also can keep your carpets looking better and cleaner which in turn will help when you do need to treat a stain or spill. Never skip your regularly scheduled carpet cleaning appointments.

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